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50 Days of Meditation

Creating your best new habit of 2022 ten minutes at a time


Presented Olivia Forrest, qualified yoga instructor and avid meditator

Olivia Forrest is a professional yoga instructor, personal trainer, nutrition advisor and martial art coach.  She was introduced to meditation at a young age, through yoga and martial arts, but it wasn't until she struggled with her mental health that it has become a non-negotiable part of her day. She understands the difficulty with starting and maintaining a meditation habit but knows the huge benefits which can be achieved.  She hopes she can help you create a life-changing habit that can help you as much as it has helped her. 

In these 50 days we will cover

  • 50 Days of Meditation
    10 Jan, 10:00 am
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    50 days of 10-15 minute meditations to help you instil a new habit this year. Meditation can help improve focus, energy, inner peace and reduce stress.